Ambitions for the possible growth of the Lucksacks/Scorum poker site.

Again I am here with big dreams and small ability. Something has to start somewhere though, right. Well I am never wrong when I am right so I will take it as yes I am right and you are in agreement, If you do nothing, You know nothing will happen. If you do something, there is a greater chance of something happening than if you done nothing.

A poker show will be hosted in the Buddy Up discord server on Wednesday at 8 PM UK Time (7 PM UTC) You are welcome to come along and discuss anything about poker. Last weeks show focused on the structure of the thirteen week set up and how it may work out. The feedback was very helpful.

This Wednesday show will discuss the new game proposed for the poker community. How it may work.

The reward structure. The percentage to the pot or the players. Some restrictions might be in place because of the software needed, and we are looking to confirm this game can be held. Updates on that on Wednesday.

The future I can see a time when we have some celebrity players joining us in the games through invitation. Yup we will have to grow the user base a bit more before we reach that level, We can get there though. We might even be able to get these players to stream their game, (on a 5 minute delay) and further expand our game to a wider audience with more friends in the poker arena.

We hope to try do our bit to help with an additional game to the site. Hopefully we can get this going for the beginning of next month. But it is definitely coming soon.

See you at the table or the show, Maybe both.