Wednesday, Poker chat tonight.

8 PM UK time. (7 PM UTC).

Buddy Up Server.

Topics: Open forum.

Raising or not. Bet sizing. Position.

Everyone should play the game of poker the way they have fun. If there is no fun in the playing then you should not play, This game of poker will not make your fortune. It can though provide an hour or two of entertainment. The show is open to all levels of player.

The game poker we play is held on This site is linked to and Both Steem and Scorum are available in rewards for playing the games available.

There is a range of games available and I will be working on a post for the basics of them all. If you have questions about any of the games, Bring them along to the show. The only silly question is the one not asked.

No Limit Hold'em the more popular of the poker series of games is available with quite a few tournaments, Other games include, Stud Stud Hi Lo (eight low) Omaha, Omaha Hi Lo and some mixed games too.