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The Dark Side Of The Poker
I think it's a good day to write something, leaving aside that I was lost for half an hour in the center of Madrid but well those things happen to everyone, right? Today I will stop praising my beloved poker and we will touch a sensitive fiber in this game world, the dark side of the poker environment and typically casino games. The gambling addiction unfortunately goes beyond a typical obsession, is an addiction without substances and a psychological disorder that directly affects the most basic impulses breaking our self-will, becoming slaves of chance. source And is that although being regular players and constant poker does not make us ludopaths, it does put us at risk of creating that disease. Basically we can all be potential ludopaths, and I am aware that that dose of adrenaline and confidence that secretes our brain makes us be in an ecstasy without precendents, every blind and games that we mark gives us an experience that only those who have sat down hours and hours at a table either with friends or total strangers, you will know that it is a magical experience and almost becomes addictive. Clearly there are people who are more likely to develop this problem, mainly due to traits that make them more susceptible to not being able to control themselves, we all know that the mind is our worst enemy. source Traits as a weak and influential personality, also people (mostly housewives and single men over 40 years old) who for some time have been sunk in the jaws of a routine and boring life find an addictive experience when they leave their comfort zone and They find activities such as poker or blackjack. Although a person addicted to tobacco and alcohol can not be categorized in the same way as a person addicted to gambling who is constantly in a vicious circle of losses, the social and self-inflicted damage is similar to the damage to health caused by the tobacco and alcohol. source The damages and prejudices caused by the gambling addiction usually ends up affecting third parties, the sick begin to put gambling and bets as the central theme of their life, everything must revolve around bets and so they can spend hours and hours immersed in obsessive thoughts with Regarding poker. This obviously if you have family, will eventually create emotional conflicts because if you start losing your head for some chips and not for your wife, you will be in a serious bind. There is also a need to get money even taking it out from the stones, most of the ludopaths end up losing in that type of games but they are rooted in the thought that they will be able to recover their losses if they keep betting, this ends up leading them to obtain tons of bad debt which will lead to bankruptcy if they do not get help. There are many people who have ruined their lives and lost everything (including themselves) all caused by throwing themselves into the abyss of this disease. source As other addictions there is treatment, a change of environment and the sufficiency therapies beginning by accepting that a person has a problem with addiction, can greatly help this psychological disorder gradually begin to dissipate in our past. I hope you liked the reading and now that the betting platform is coming, I know we will see some ludopaths begging for SCR loans to continue playing lol I wish you the best! don´t be afraid to comment and receive a vote!

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