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Where to play (good) poker
As everyone knows, poker is a game based on rewards. It has to bring something of value to make it interesting. If you play with no incentive, people will spend their chips without the stress of losing them. And, de facto, will ruin the poker game. Most of poker strategies are based on the bets, as told in this article you bet when you think you have the nuts or when you wanna bluff. But to be effective, people must want to keep their chips. Free poker sites On free poker sites, you will find good players, but also bingo lovers or people who just cannot play correctly. Those sites are good to start with, to test your abilities, to learn the rules, but certainly not to improve your poker strategies. People will follow your bets even with empty hands, or go all in with 7-2 pre-flop just to bingo a start of tournament, after all, they do not care about their chips as the site will offer them new ones sooner or later. You can try Replay's Poker to test it out ( I offer you 10K chips if you follow the link) Casino's The casino is the exact opposite of free sites, you will find good players there, but you put your money at risk. You may win some nice money or get out naked of the casino. For people like me, when we count each and every euro trying to finish the month, casino's are certainly not a place to be. It's up to you, and if you have extra money you can afford to lose, then casino's are probably an excellent place to test and improve your skills. Play at home with friends Putting a little buy-in and offer it to the winner is a funny way to play with friends at home, I remember my parents playing King's or Rami with their friends, but the collected reward was set to a common pot for a special dinner once or twice a month. But if you play without the rewarding system, prepare to see crazy bets, better try out for fun before trying strategies :) Poker Leagues This one is a special case. A poker league is a group of poker players, they might become friends on the long run, but their first interest is the game. Some play at home or in a dedicate place, some cost a yearly fee while some others are free. But it is a very nice place to exchange information, improve strategies and keep your pants ( remember casino example ? :) ) If you have the chance to enter a poker league, do not hesitate, I think it's the best way to become a better player. An example of online poker league ? Try scorumpoker, those guys are funny, play decently, all in a good athmosphere, without costing you a dime. Paid poker sites I cannot talk about them right now, I live in Belgium,. where ALL OF THOSE SITES are disabled (dns level). But they seem to be a very good way to improve as they offer freerolls and big tournaments... On some of them you can even reach WSOP events, which is, of course, the dream of every poker players :) Have fun at the tables...