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Hello everybody , today i´m bring to you the interview of a excellent player on Steemit Poker League, he is @chops316 the number #8 in the global ranking on spl, there are 1124 register players so is a big deal, He talked about Bro Sports Network, Let´s go and check it out what he is going to tell us... What is your name and when did you start to play poker? Chops316 I started playing around 10 years old for fun. 13 for money. 5 card draw and seven card stud back then. Don’t tell my mom, she still doesn’t know. My dad taught me how to play. Why did you start to play poker? A few of my uncles were regular card players and it looked like fun. When I actually made some money it was all the better. Now I enjoy the competition more than anything. Tell us an anecdote in you poker history? Like the time the DJC Team crushed Team Epic to win the team-up championship? Nah, everybody already knows that one. I know @bethalea remembers. Let me think of another. Once in college one of the guys in the game vomited on the table. It was funny since I wasn’t in that hand. The guys who had soiled money weren’t as amused. In the past, did you have to study poker to become in a good player? Studying would have been a good idea, but I didn’t really. I would just pick up tips from friends and family. Before I started playing in the SPL, I hadn’t played much poker since I graduated from college. Back then the internet was just starting to come around so information wasn’t as available as it is today. Yes I’m old. I study quite a bit now. Tell us a little bit of Bro Sports Network? The Bro Sports Network was started by @ats-david and the idea was to create a sports network on the blockchain to introduce sports fans to the crypto world. It started off well, but the dumpster fire known as steemit hasn’t helped matters. Now we have Scorum and the project will be re-launched bigger and better than ever since we have a platform where people actually care about sports-related content. Please check out this post by @ats-david for a full explanation: In the future, do you think that will be an alliance with spl? There already is an alliance, @tuck-fheman has partnered with @ats-david and the Scorum Poker League is part of the new network. You’ll have to ask those guys if the Steemit Poker League will be involved or separate because I don’t know. I do know @ats-david has been a big supporter of the Steemit league. Do you think that the SPL is a school of poker because the people in there plays in a real high level? Yes the quality of poker at the SPL is generally very high. Although of course there are a few donks. When I joined I hadn’t played in a while and I got my ass handed to me regularly. That’s why I had to start studying and working on my game. It still needs a lot of work. Why do you play on Spl (steemit poker league)? I enjoy the competition because it is tough, but the best part of the SPL is the great community we have of poker players from around the world. Often times the table talk is better than the game. Plus who doesn’t like freerolls? What would you like to see of the new SPL (scorum poker league)? Personally I’d like to see my pocket kings hold up against 3 4 or 9 6 for a change. That would be refreshing. Also some new blood. We see the same gang regularly. What would you tell to the players that wants to kick you out on the poker tables? Bring it on! Hope you guys enjoy it, leave to @chops316 a comment donw below, and check the post of Bro sport network, see you next time...

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