Selection of marathons in Finland that are held throughout the year and what interesting and exciting things they can offer to runners

Finland hosts a large number of interesting marathons throughout the year, of course, the most interesting of which takes place in the capital - Helsinki, but other cities can offer quite interesting running adventures. And here is the list of marathons:

  • Arctic Marathon
  • Tuusulanjarven Marathon
  • Helsinki City Running Day
  • Terwa Marathon
  • Mikkeli Marathon
  • Raateen Marathon
  • Paavo Nurmi Marathon
  • Helsinki Marathon
  • Tampere Marathon
  • Kuopio Marathon
  • RuskaMarathon
  • Espoon Rantamarathon
  • Finlandia Marathon
  • Vantaan Marathon
  • Itameri Marathon
  • Aland Marathon