Parks were opened in Ukraine yesterday and now you can run there. So today I returned to training and the second attempt to open the 2020 running season, the previous attempt was interrupted by quarantine, although I managed to run a marathon in Antalya, a half marathon in Cairo and two trails in Ukraine.

When the quarantine was introduced and it became clear that there would be no races in the near future, he decided to look closely at virtual races, namely a virtual race, the route of which runs along Hadrian's Wall. Participation in it had to be stopped due to a ban on visiting parks in Ukraine. But yesterday came the good news for the last month and a half that quarantine has been relaxed and now you can run, so I decided to continue my virtual journey along Hadrian's Wall and start preparing for the 2020 running season again, maybe the second attempt will be more successful. And in the fall you will be able to visit at least part of the starts planned for 2020.