My good running friend and an excellent endurance runner, Roman Jež is organizing a charity running event tomorrow morning.

The event will take place near the village of Gameljne in Ljubljana, Slovenia. There will be a 3 kilometers long loop for the runners to run it as many times as they wish to.

The idea is to give 2 Euros for every lap that you run.

100% of collected funds will be donated to a family in need in Zavrč, Slovenia.

Will you be there? I will be!

My pledge for tomorrow is to donate 2 Euros for every three kilometers that I will run. Including the way to the event and back which I will run too. It's just 4 kilometers from my home to the start so this is not a big deal :)

Additionally, I will donate the net reward of this post after it will be paid out. Since it is not easy and quick to get a hold on the SP awarded, I will donate the equivalent in Euros from my pocket.

Dear friends, have a great Sunday and go for a run. And help people in need wherever and whenever you can.