Some months ago Directv left its signal interrupted due to a conflict it had with the regime that usurps power in Venezuela because it had to take these signals, sanctioned by the US government, off the air, on Globovision and PDVSA TV channels. All this created a controversy and the interruption of Directv's service in the country.

I must say that Directv is the best option regarding sports coverage we have enjoyed in Venezuela and as a writer and sports lover, specifically of the NBA this satellite company has always provided excellent coverage in that aspect.

We had more than 3 months without the service, but coincidentally the NBA season was also suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but when the league restarted there were few options to enjoy the games, I had to resort to some low quality cable TV and so I was able to continue doing my sports writing work for Scorum.

Fortunately a few weeks later, just when the NBA Playoffs were about to start, the Directv signal would return but under the hand of another company called Scale Capital who bought the franchise to carry out the transmissions, the first 3 months the signal would be free while they adjusted the prices, so when this signal returned, I recovered the best option to be able to enjoy and analyze the NBA games better and also in high definition.

The month of December has arrived and what is Directv now under the control of the company Scale Capital changed its name to Simple TV but what has caused impact is that they are going to start charging their rates in $ at international costs, the prices are extremely excessive for the plans that are worth it and only for the sports channels, because otherwise they are movie and series channels that many times repeat the same programs.

When we had Directv the highest plan was approximately $1 I know it was very economical and we understood that at some point Directv had to raise the prices a bit to be profitable but not to exceed it, but this company Scale Capital created the following plans, which has caused indignation for different reasons:

Basic Plan

They charge 80 cents with 72 channels, most of which are radio, something that makes no sense and is not worth it because it is absurd.

Byte Plan

It costs $3.12 for 98 channels, it's almost the same as the basic plan but with 26 extra channels that many are also radio, I don't know if this is a joke? but it's not a viable option.

Giga Plan

It has 147 channels including the sports that interest me, but to my surprise they cannot be viewed in HD this plan has a cost of $17 figure somewhat complicated for most Venezuelans, remember that the minimum wage is only $1.2 this company is not adjusting prices to the reality of the country and of course we do not want it to be free but there is a balance understanding the situation of the country, but of course I understand that they are entrepreneurs and do not care what people suffer or suffer economically in a nation that has been economically dismembered.

Tera HD Plan

To be able to enjoy the best of sports, movies and series this is the plan that is worthwhile, because it includes all the channels, besides the sports channels that as you know are my favorites in particular those that broadcast NBA basketball and international tournaments, among many other sports and the best is in HD quality but the complicated thing is the price since it is the highest cost, it would be $30 per month and the capacity of the citizens in Venezuela is not to pay that figure, when the minimum salary does not even reach $2, as I said what is most worthwhile are the sports channels.

I am still thinking, because I have to decide this coming week whether to register or not to have the best option which is the Tera HD and I think that it is very close to the beginning of the NBA season and I have to start my writing for Scorum.

I know that in Scorum they support me since I received a great support during the previous NBA season in all my writings and I thank all the community for their votes and trust for my work in the platform.

I think that if Scorum Coin had a better price I could even pay the subscription to satellite TV to do my job comfortably, because really there are few quality options in Venezuela to enjoy live sports, although the price of the higher plan if we look at it with an international perspective is not so bad, what interests me most is this great sports coverage that guarantees me to enjoy and analyze the games to leave my writing in Scorum, I know I have your support and I think that is what will allow me to make this investment to have the possibility of having the service in the long term.

I must also say that I do not think it is fair to my fellow citizens in Venezuela because they will have to be left without television entertainment due to the low purchasing power that has created the sick economy that underlies the country because of a political regime that usurps power and has led the nation to one of the most serious hyperinflations in the entire planet.

Many users on social networks claim that what Simple TV has done is a big scam with the complicity of Conatel, the government agency that regulates the prices and content of national television and I do not blame them, they may even be right because the cheapest plans are a real fraud, of course the expensive ones are not something from the other world, but if they have what for us is more attractive and it is sports, which makes me have to resort to that option because it is the most decent at the level of quality, I had doubts as I said at the beginning but I will have to invest perhaps in the $30 plan, I believe that in the long term this will pay off and God always rewards the one who works.

I wanted to share these thoughts with you and for you to understand a little bit the situation that we are living in Venezuela, even for something like sports entertainment that should not represent a major complication, of course in a normal country this does not happen, but in Venezuela for the last 20 years the situation has been distorted to the point that it has brought us to a peak.

Leave me your impressions and opinions about the subject and we will establish a real luxury interaction.