Hello everyone,

today I have some news and topics for you to think about as we renew our efforts toward promoting Scorum on other social platforms.


Recently we opened an account on a relatively new social media site called Uptrennd. We then added an intro-post about the Scorum project there (thank you so much @tosyne2much) and it received good feedback. The statistics showed good results for the initial article, it produced visits to both the Scorum website and to our telegram channel and we received some new registrations. Now we want to encourage these new authors coming from Uptrennd to write posts on Scorum.

According to the bounty program, Uptrennd users will be able to receive a reward for authoring activity on Scorum, we will be writing more about this in the next post from our account.

There is also a request: if you are registered on the Uptrennd site, then please support our activities with UPs and comments so that we can increase our visibility on Uptrennd and attract some new sports writers and betting fans to Scorum.


We want to implement the same activity on Steemit, but first, I would like to contact our users who know this site well. Please write in the comments what you think about this effort, are you ready to help promote Scorum on Steemit? Perhaps you have ideas on how to do this better?


We resumed our activity on Twitter with the help of our old friends who maintain an account @ScorumSocial. Subscribe, like, and retweet. The account is more focused on promotion for search engines than on attracting direct traffic, but sometimes publications are also fired out for that purpose.


Unfortunately, back in 2018, Facebook greatly limited the number of impressions in the feeds of users for publications made on the company's pages. The effect of this new Facebook policy was worse for projects related to the crypto industry. As a result, our posts get very little coverage, and if you write posts there often enough, then it decreases even more.

Nevertheless, we will continue to publish the main news of the project in the group. Also, @goldenbogdan is continuing a cool initiative to support users who share their posts on FB which we appreciate very much, thanks!


One of the most popular Russian-language social networks also does not allow attracting a large amount of traffic to Scorum, but it still performs some functions. Until the last month, @bdn helped me a lot here. I hope you come back :).


As a person for whom English is not my first language, it was very difficult for me to feel the atmosphere of Reddit. However, recently there was news about the project moving towards cryptocurrencies which for us means an opportunity that we can not afford to ignore. Surely you have ideas on how we can promote Scorum on Reddit also, right? :)

Your comments, your criticism, and your suggestions are very important to me and I’m awaiting your helpful replies under this post.

Photo: Cristian Dina / Pexels.com