ROUND THREE..... RAIN!!!! The payouts from the first rounds were dispensed and I hope you all enjoy having some sweet and fresh SCR to boost morale. (Reinvesting and other fun stuff is up to you but the point of this initiative is to have some immediate FUNds courtesy of moi.)

This time you MUST FOLLOW THE SIMPLE RULES and the entire payout of this post will be split between 15 Scorumites. The more the merrier. Does having some fresh SCR to keep some mirth going sound good? Well then, hop on board matey! Yarrrrrr

Scurvy Dogs need not Apply, Only the best Pirates who love the Booty come aboard the Ship! (pixabay? I forget cause of Rum)

The goal is getting Scorum real green. The first FIFTEEN comments that are at least one complete sentence long, get a cut of the payout. You MUST number your spot with your thoughtful comment in your place in line. :) No Plagiarists or Accounts in bad standing/abusing the platform count, sorry. :(

The first rounds some of this got confused but from now on I just know you can leave a one sentence interaction! If you are incapable of leaving a one sentence reply and claim your spot then you shouldn't be bloggin' anyhow ya scallywags.

The more you give the more you get (giphy)

This means, the total payout of this post (split equally between the first fifteen according to rules) on payout day or as soon as possible.... will be given to you in SCR! I can't wait to see who may perhaps use it on a fun game or reinvest. If you do either of those, Please let me know in the comments for perhaps some extra BONUS LOVE by the Community at large.


1.Comments must be by different people, YOU MUST PUT YOUR NUMBER UP ON WHAT NUMBER IN PLACE YOU ARE IN COMMENTING....if you are the fourth person, put it in your comment (don't pull some sock, alt b.s.)

2. The total amount of payout in SP to SCR format payout , will be split equally between the first fifteen that follow the rules. Creating Win/Win scenarios is a good thing and the only money I'll make is off what you either upvote on my prior works or on comments....

3. Being lame is lame, having people uv you and you never return the favor in comments or blogs to fish for crumbs should inspire us all to rise above.

I teleport magical monies and Loch Lomond 12 year old Scotch on my "off days" as well as stashes of Pirate's Bay Rum. If you want Love you have to show Love. Scorum On Buccaneers!

Mermaid Money Magic (giphy)