Scorum LTD...Can you at least pretend to give a damn on these issues? No? Well then, for a few days on diff OS and locals , I can't budge "Witness" votes. From what I've seen very few do much at all anyways that benefit any of you. Ask me how I know? I WAS A TOP WITNESS WITH MY TEAM. The fact this and everything else is wonked just should be a friendly heads up that in these waters you better know how to sail....luckily WE do.

yup, giphy,

Wave Your Flags and Scorum Italia and maybe a couple of people in others are what I'd ever endorse. It would be nice to see VOTING working, wouldn't it? Then again, when you bring up anything about some issues you will see what side of the fence some are on. That is how it goes and that is fine by me, it's no hard feelings.

It is also nice to see someone post on Racism or other issues and only get mildly spit on ......was it cause Scorum was at a record low? Well then Big Playas, go buy it up and get rich <3 Op/ entertainment purposes only on the magical and fun world of crypto, hope you all are super rich by now!

mic drop.....giphy