Remember this post at the end of Summer, and...

..check out @Betman's craziness on BetScorum.. if SCR does hit 20 cents this year he'll regret my win!

I don't know these teams but I like the action on BetScorum, we should at least try to make the sportsbook look alive.. what else are you doing with your liquid?

It seems as though Scorum is here for more or less the long haul. It reminds me of the time I moved to Michigan to grow legal cannabis but I had no idea it would take nearly half a year to produce the product. I ended up moving back home across the country and stranding any solid relations that could've been build if I just minded my mouth and held my pride.

In the end, I do believe Scorum will succeed with or without me. I won't give up, but even if I did let FUD get the best of me, I see Scorum as too valuable to let up on.

There isn't an elaborate scheme here, it's just that time passes in a different way when one is waiting for a product.. and one is creating the product.

Time passes so slowly for us (as the community) since we don't know what is truly happening behind the scenes. We have seen glimpses of the future and it's hard to gauge where we are going, but there were many initial investors here that will come back if more sports come and some polishing (inflated earnings, creative promotion) is done.

I really needed time to contemplate my whole crypto future and the tenure I've built as a somewhat pioneer of this place (and believe or not Steemit, I once sacrificed hundreds of hours for tens of thousands of SteemPower but I gave up too early on that as well...).

It pains me everyday how many solid cryptos I've had a chance to have my hand in yet blew completely... I won't do that with SCR.

I also won't change my stance anymore, in the past I've gone back and forth but at the end of the day if I was in the position of the Scorum team.. I would just want the trust of the community in my work and to 'let me do my thing'.

Thinking in third person and being subjective is at times the most difficult thing, but let's instead do all we can to suppress failure and spread the word. If we all shared our posts on Twitter and made Steemit posts it would generate enough spark to at least motivate us.

I can't be the only one excited by new user names and those who've returned from months of hiatus. I fully upvote new users to motivate, use these techniques along with welcoming people to the community in order to keep them here.

It isn't hard, it just takes consistency from everyone.

Even when Scorum delivers on their promises, we still need to promote. In all fairness, it would be much easier to promote with more sports and realistic earnings... but I trust that is coming soon.

Scorum delivered on their original roadmap and plans for the future; I do remember it being nearly a year between them announcing the platform and launch, so it may be a few months.. but this is it. There are no real alternatives as Scorum is fine tuning the machine, so we must make this the opportunity we seize.

Let's stay positive, promote, and don't be generic. Produce quality, use your SCR on BetScorum, and let's prosper together.