Congratulations to this awesome platform for reaching such a brilliant milestone in under 2 months time! 

The user base is still growing and evolving as we all learn to make this utopia of sports content and betting just that... an absolute paradise. 

When Scorum hits 100,000 users the complexion of this platform may have changed completely, but know that if you're reading this, you are are a Scorum pioneer! It is on us as the users to promote this platform and grow this coin to its full potential. 

Value is worth, and the worth of any commodity is how badly it is sought. Let us keep making SCR the most wanted digital asset on the planet, and lift Scorum to heights that no other blockchain platform has reached! 

In Regards to Selling:

If it takes $13 Million in new money everyday to stabilize BTC's price at $7000 with thousands of new alt-coins coming in, then that same level of demand [$13 Million] will cause the price to increase (ceteris paribus).

When people sell, there is less demand.. so don't sell guys. Not yet at least! 

HODL until we reach the moon's surface, and I'll see you at 100k!