So, 5 months ago the Scorum team put out a roadmap stating their intentions for this season.

The Pros:

Scorum alleviated some of the panic earlier this year by providing capacity for more Soccer Leagues in BetScorum and making sure the community knows they have not abandoned the project...

Users such as @Etson and @Giornalista have made it their mission to put Scorum on the map, and although I may have criticized methods early on.. these two users deserve much praise and acclaim (when Scorum does become viable and takes off).

Our UserBase is growing, not only on an aesthetic level (in terms of tracking Scorum's Block Explorer).. but on a real level with great new users posting frequently. I've done my best to reach all these great authors with upvotes and other whales should consider doing the same!

Our UserBase and Whale Obligations:

Curation is key to keeping new users interested. Scorum veterans must show that a minnow can earn easily and become something powerful on this or any blockchain inspired platform! We stand at 34,612 current users, keep an eye on that number and let's see where we are at in a month because we were at 34,500 for quite a long time. The users I mentioned prior are mostly responsible for the engagement.. and at this point it's the most crucial part of our growth.

For now, we can await the big announcement for September.. I know @Giornalista has hinted at big things coming this month so let's see if it's worth it