This user @civilstudy hadn't seen Scorum for a month, and the day he comes back he gains 200 SCR on a post and sells 2k to Hotbit.

The 'Scorum-Fans' witness account actually feeds civilstudy SCR so just be aware of that... and yeah, that guy was a witness (lmao).

This is the state of Scorum folks.

Not only a scumbag move, but a move that almost single-handedly brought Scorum to half a penny.

Phil Newton selling over 7500 SCR away didn't help either.. when he comes back to Scorum I'll flag the shit out of anything he does.

If Scorum does take off... I'll definitely remember those who held out and didn't sacrifice Scorum for a few quid.

@barbadosso is a clown, hate that guy.

Free market, no censorship.. I can say whatever the hell I want and I can point fingers too.

Trading away 200 SCR hurts the platform, and how could it even help you?

With the Hotbit fees you get 50 cents.. I don't get it, maybe it helps some and that's fine.. but the platform can't take it right now.

The respectful thing to do would be to hold SCR until the next update comes out so we can at least we can see what has been fixed and where we are headed.

At this point every single outbound trade with nothing coming back in will deplete this token till its worth less than sand.

Scorum won't survive with all its users selling.. guys who were once quite active in accruing SCR are now selling. @kofpato and @scorumafrica seem to want to sell out and haven't posted in months...

Olga has confirmed via telegram that the earnings change will come next update.

If they fulfill their promises and update this along with other prudent matters.. I will personally do everything I can to get Scorum out there.

The good part of Scorum changing the earnings is that it will be portrayed as more of a realistic 'mechanical turk' earnings model as opposed to the more 'ponzi-esque' hundreds of SCR (dollars) pictured throughout the platform.

I've tallied the number of SCR traded away over the past week..


Astounding no?! Even at its minuscule value it seems the small minded will still trade it away.

I hope the $20 minus fees was worth it to those who traded away more than 2k SCR and sacrificed the integrity of the platform entirely.