With all the economic changes that have occurred across the different delegated proof of stake chains they are mainly all operating differently in some respects at this point. With Scorum having no inflation on the chain at this current time and WhaleShares dedicating 70% of the reward pool to people who are holding WhaleStake the games are all different on each platform.

It seems like WhaleShares, Smoke, VIT, and WEKU essentially have no liquidity and it is hard to say if those coins will be worth anything in the future or not. With Scorum the liquidity is getting very low and I see that as one of the biggest problems with the platform. I also don't agree with 12 month power down cycles. Investors don't want to lock up their funds for that long. 6 months is an eternity in crypto and there has been not evidence to suggest having longer power down cycles creates any sort of price stability. 3 months for STEEM is too long as well. I like what D.Tube is doing with going to no power down and having everything be liquid on that platform. It will be interesting how all these economic models play out but at the end of the day if they don't maintain liquidity it isn't enticing to investors because they feel like if there isn't enough trading of the coins they won't be able to cash out of their investment and will be left with coins they can't move and the projects die.

In the video I also talk about the movie "A League Of Their Own" which is kind of interesting. Other interesting facts about that women's baseball league was that there was a team in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and South Bend, Indiana which are both areas I'm familiar with.

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