Hello sports world! I just signed up here in scorum and would like to introduce myself to you! I am a huge NBA fan and a crypto investor! I love basketball since I was a child and I'm an NBA addict! would like to write NBA blogs here in scorum. I also want to meet friends here because I found this platform awesome! I would be glad to have NBA discussions and debates here in scorum!

I'm a newbie here so I would appreciate much if you let me know how this platform works well. I would also like to get some tips from you professionals on what are the dos and don'ts here in scorum. I am so hyped when I first heard about this platform. And now that I am here, I will do my best to share my ideas here and do it as a daily habit! I am very excited now to meet you guys and share some knowledge and thoughts with you!

I will now end this short introduction scorum fans! Thank you and I hope you can follow me back! See you around! :)