I have always tried to imagine how people view the scorum platform, definitely we all see it in different perspective and we all have our separate ideal about it. The site has just got back after over 6 hours of maintenance by the team, everyone especially me is happy about that and I needed to smile about something, and that’s what inspired this post.

What you think about Scorum 🙏🙏

Scorum has changed me positively as well as many others, and the experience so far is incredible, I was among does who didn’t believe in writing and getting paid and that was how I didn’t partake during the steemit days. So when I first heard about scorum I did not think about it twice before jumping in. so the question is what do you think about scorum? Is obvious many fall in the category who thinks of scorum as a goldmine, or are you writing for fun? well am not here to make choices for you. Drop your view in the comment box.

making a post 📖✏

Yes, this part is one of the most challenging aspect, most persons use an introductory post as their first article on scorum, that’s pretty cool if you ask me, but I urge you to make it real good, that actually will let people know about you. While you diversify on different topics subsequently. Like I said earlier is very challenging, for some who normally have a very busy day at work you have to stay up all night making sure you write something for the community, I think I fall in that category and you have to stay up all night making a post. I have read one of jon’s article which talks about how he spends time on the platform. Where do you fall in?

Upvote 💲💲

Here is the real deal, nobody spends time in writing and don’t expect some reward or encouragement for his/her article, whether you’re a whale, Pro or newbie, everybody wants the upvote. Both if you think otherwise to this kindly let me know in the comment session. But for a newbie point of view, you have to earn the upvotes by dropping a quality post and try as much as possible to make it unique.

Routine check 👮👀

I don’t know if I am the only one who do such practice lol. But I do checkup my profile every morning before going out for work, I do some upvotes, drop comments on people’s articles after glancing through I only get to read them properly when I return in the evening. The sweet part of these is when you check up your blog and see some good upvotes from people, that alone is a sign of a colorful day. Who are does who perform such routine with me?

Scorum bet 💱💰

Is no news that the scorum betting is about to launch and we are all anticipating. it Is going to be a big boost for the platform. We are going to see a lot of SCR moving around. But as we all know betting has two sides, Win or LOSS. I want to be at the winning side. I don’t really know about you. With the betting in place the value of SCR will also appreciate. So many advantages will follow, therefore fingers crossed as we await the launch.

Feeling depressed 😷😭

At a point in your scorum journey you most have had this feeling, after spending all night probably 3 to 5 hours writing an article, in your opinion is a masterpiece but to your surprise after a day of publishing the article you just have just a upvote of $0.05, that is really depressing, these readily affects a newbie, not really because the post is not quality, but for a reason I myself can’t comprehend it just stays that way. My advice is that you pick up your laptop and make another post. Quitters never wins. If you have encountered such before let us know, who knows a whale might just bombard you with pretty cool upvotes.

The Freaky Friday show 💀👻

When is Friday, then is time to get freaky, I started following this contest since my second week on scorum, so far I have not regretted it. is a contest hosted by @pete, I call him the king of curators alongside his wife @bamamama, his benevolence is extreme and his immerse work in bringing newbies into the limelight is something to talk about. He also hosts the Happy Moan-day contest. You can check his profile for more info on that.

Another contest I have entered is the hall of fame hoststed by @liuke96player

Snubbing 🙊🙉

Sighs… If you’re not guilty of this then I have one world for you, “you’re the boss”. How I wish scorum keeps record of number of views then it would have been more easy for you to understand this point. Let me accept it first before pointing accusing fingers. It still boils down to seeing someone’s article without any comment nor upvote. A plea to the big shots, your comments and upvotes will go a long way in encouraging us to write more. Even if the post is not nice, do the writer well by letting the person know in the comment session.

When the whales visit your post 💲👑

This is the joy of the small guys to get recognized by the big shots, I really don’t want to mention names, but those of you who usually take their time to visit our post, we really appreciate and continue to do good. Without missing words, we really rely on your support and encouragement to grow.

Flagged post 🚫🚫

This is the sad part of the story, when your post is flagged, either for plagiarism, poor content or any other reason is disheartening. But when a post gets flagged for the wrong reason it because an issue, my main focus here is post flagged for the wrong reason.

I drop my pen at this point, Thanks for reading ro the End..