Scorum took part in the Binance Smart Chain GameFi Hackathon conducted between 18 October and 5 November. During this Hackathon, we entered our new NFT game design Aviator in a contest, and the winner of this contest would gain a grant for extra funding toward completing the project.

Our idea for the NFT game Aviator and the first steps towards its creation had just been taken at the beginning of October, so we did not have a lot of time to prepare for this contest, nor did we have a lot of documentation to present. But the one thing we did have was an enormous supply of trust in our project and a big desire to win.

So we prioritized preparation for the Hackathon and got to work right away. One of the requirements that we needed was a Demo video of the project. Our Creative Director, Andrey, did a great job by making visual prototypes using Figma. Then we set out to make a video of how Aviator will work from a third-person perspective while adding some high-level descriptions and graphics. The video detailed how we see game distribution developing, and it also showed the killer new features included in this game.

The Hackathon itself had two phases. The first was the public voting phase from October 18th to 31st, after which just ten projects advanced to the Second Phase. At this point, we were one of sixty-three contestants, but we were confident in the strength of our entry.

On the 31st of October, just a couple of hours before the end of voting, we were still in fifth place with about 1,500 BUSD worth of public votes. Many thanks to our strong community for their support and confidence in the project. It was then that the competition became very hot as many of the other projects received a large number of votes. Seeing this, we began to lose hope that we would get through to the next phase. Here are the final standings showing us well out of contention after the first voting phase had been completed.

But the next day, there was an official announcement in the Hackathon Telegram group informing all contestants that due to a large number of entries, they decided to increase the second phase participants from just ten teams to twenty teams! And wow, we were in 19th place and still in the running! That was an exhilarating moment for our entire team, and it gave us renewed hope knowing that now there would be new eyes and a higher level of expertise reviewing our project.

Now it was all in the judge's hands. Each judge would score the projects which had advanced to the second phase based on the following criteria:

● Size of the potential audience (0 - 10 points)

● P2E potential (0 - 10 points)

● The uniqueness of the idea (0 - 10 points)

● Diversity of P2E mechanics (1 - 4 points)

● Game design (1 - 4 points)

● Low competition, no "similar" games (1 - 4 points)

The Second Phase of the contest was initially scheduled for completion on November 5th, but again, due to the increased number of contestants in the second round, the organizers extended their final decisions to the 12th of November.

On Friday evening it was a really pleasant surprise to see the Final results on the official Hackathon group!

🥇 Aviator

🥈 IMPs Kingdom

🥉 BattleVerse

You can check here to find out how the votes were distributed

We were thrilled that such a Giant like Binance shared our vision for how Great NFT projects should look. Winning this contest will help us spread Aviator both in the world of crypto and in the b2b iGaming realms.