1. Since there is no way for us to earn from our work, what incentives do current members have to continue voting and blogging on Scorum blog?

There are a few reasons to stay active on the Scorum blogging platform. Firstly, the reward pool will be replenished from April onwards, and it will be a larger size than before. Additionally, there is an expectation that the price of SCR coin will increase as a result of mutual activities of all users and the development and launch of Aviatrix on SCR.

As well as, there are several non-monetary benefits that members can gain, such as building their reputation and personal blog, networking with like-minded individuals, and improving their writing skills.

2. What will happen to the current apps on Scorum, will development continue over there and will our original roadmap be completed?

It is planned that the current apps on Scorum, such as the blogging and betting platforms, will continue to be developed as they have potential for the future. In particular, there is a vision to transform the blogging platform into a platform that creates a fair and transparent betting and gambling community. Further details on this subject will be announced later.

3. If Aviatrix is on a different blockchain how will it help increase the value of SCR and the original Scorum blockchain?

Aviatrix is set to be launched on SCR coin, which is expected to have a positive impact on the value of SCR. Moreover, a bridge will be created between SCR and BSCR, which is likely to further increase the value of both coins. Additionally, there are plans to eventually transfer everything to the updated and improved Scorum blockchain, providing benefits for all users.

4. Can you provide any information that we can use to position ourselves for the launch of Aviatrix on this new blockchain, such as, if it will be utilizing BSC-SCR how will that work and will we need new wallets or accounts on new exchanges?

We are currently in the research phase for a new blockchain to switch onto. Once this research phase is complete, we will begin the transition process. At this time, we do not have enough information to provide regarding any potential requirements for new wallets or accounts. We will provide further details as soon as they become available.

5. Will an internal exchange be added to the platform, similar to Hive?

Although we have not included an internal exchange in our current roadmap, we are considering the idea for future development.

6. Will Fantasy and other sports be included in the new platform?

At present, the inclusion of fantasy and other sports in the new platform is not being considered.

7. Is the platform still pursuing sports ambassadors and influencers, as we used to have?

At the moment, our focus is on enhancing the product's efficiency and maximizing the value of the platform, so that we can leverage our resources to positively impact SCR price. Since we are implementing changes to the blogging platform, as mentioned earlier, we believe that the use of sports ambassadors and influencers for promotion will not be necessary.

8. Has BetScorum been removed from the platform? There is no mention of it.

No, BetScorum has not been removed from the platform. The website, https://betscorum.com (https://betscorum.com/), (https://betscorum.com/) is still available. However, some minor updates are needed to be made, such as removing old matches. We will be taking care of these updates soon.

9. Are there plans for aggressive marketing campaigns?

We anticipate strong and impactful advertising campaigns in the future, but it is necessary to complete the steps outlined earlier before launching them.

10. There is no indication of any Exchange listing on the roadmap.

While we cannot disclose any specific details at this time, we are currently in talks with a top 10 exchange by volume regarding a potential listing on their platform. We will provide more information once an agreement has been reached.