Hello, SCORUM community hope you all are doing well. I don't wanna take too much of your time I just wanna share the sorry of my unpleasant unwelcoming experience with scorum this past weekend. I'm gonna start by saying I have been member of the scorum community since Q1 of 2018 I participated their ICO and started my blog @scorumboxing June 2018. Until now I haven't had any issues with the platform or the community until I ran into the hypocritical scorum cop @swolesome who feels like he's the guardian of the scorum galaxy but is clearly a just clown decided he wanted to flag my post. I was told i was spamming because i attempted to promote my post by leaving a few comments on a few post which these guys do all day long but in telegram and discord groups then I was accused of exploiting and abusing the ecosystem by having mutilple account i do not possess and antagonized by his gang of wierdos to verify my identidy which I did. At the end of it all I still ended up losing my SP rewards .

So let me tell you about "catwomen" aka @swolesome. Last time I checked scorum was a "sports" blog and if you check this guys account 70% of his post are not related to sports in any type of way. Yet he runs around acussing other of abusing the platform. If anyone is abusing the system he is by benefiting from posting non-sports related articles. If you have a problem with someone's post or activity express your opinion but don't flag their rewards when they took time out of their day to create a unplagirzed sport-related post.

WTF is "Cats in Mech" ⁉️🤣 Definitely not a sport!

I can guarantee these dorks will flag this post and I won't receive any rewards but I'm 100% cool with that. I just want to expose this fool who are hell bent on "protecting scorum". When he himself takes advantage of the platform. 🤡🤡🤡🤡