The number of newbies joining the community are increasing day by day and currently we are more than 12,000 users now. In this article I would love to share with everyone and the new members on how they can earn big on Scorum.

Top Secrets Tips For Newbies

1. Expose Yourself By Creating Quality Post: Branding your blog has a lot to do with being creative and writing good content. This will expose you and you will be known by the pro's due to the quality and truth behind your posts. Aside that you will be rewarded by various community through their daily curation which will expose you and your works.

2. Working Hard Every Second: Hard work will always earn you success. The pro's get their post always on the trending page because of the time they put in creating their content. It's never an hour or two, it took them a great amount of time to finish their post with a beautiful positioning of their post text layouts. Work hard and you will soon be on the trending page regardless of your rank.

3. Commenting: As a newbie you must be everywhere looking out for posts on sports you are comfortable with or understands more to unable you give quality feedback to the creator. commenting on Scorum can earn you a lot of upvotes if its of great quality. Try to be everywhere and find good quality post to comment on.

4. Inclusion Of Attractive Pictures: What would attract a Scorumian to read your post? Pictures. Adding beautiful and attractive pictures to your post is very important simply because most people will click on your post due to the pictures they see. Most pro's post are filled with not only one picture but four or more. Pictures sometimes tells the story and makes the reader understands what the post is about. so make sure to work hard on your post by including pictures as well.

5. Being Consistent: Your daily activity on Scorum will show how hard you are working. Being consistent will help you gain more sp and build your status in being a Pro. You must post 1 or 2 times daily with great and quality post without spamming or plagiarism. Commenting everywhere with a good knowledge about the post you are responding to will also build you up. schedule your time and know when to drop your next post and make sure its well made. Your consistency will gain you a loyal followers who will always visit your blog to get themselves updated with your latest post.

6. Planning: Knowing what to blog about everyday is very essential since it gives you less ideas to think about and helps you to create better content. Each day make some time and think about what you will wish to write or do before setting of. Since you know what you will be writing you always create quality content. If your ideas run out, just relax and think about new ones for the next day to avoid unnecessary posting of bad content.

7. Hoarding Your SCR Power: Last but not the least, this is so special and one of the best tips you can do. Newbies do not know the importance of hoarding their SP. Imaging having an SP which is over 300000K which obviously will gain you thousands of followers and with the more SP you have the more you will gain. It comes with great power and influence. Never think of converting your power to SCR for cash. Everything has it's time, so at the right time when you have more than everyone then you can take some but for now hoard. In no time your vote can earn you a lot. That's the best SECRET to everyone even the Pro's.

These are the best secrets to greatness on Scorum and I wish they will empower you to do more each and everyday. Implementing on all these tips will make you a Pro in no time on Scorum.

If you have any additional suggestions pertaining to how best we can earn big on Scorum please feel free and comment below.