Hello Scorum,

As you might have noticed, I was taking a little break and with me my Scorum Patronage initiative. However I have always been following the Scorum project and I am glad that overall there is still some life here and things are moving into a good direction.

Yesterday I made a post on the Scorum world platform but after a day I am kinda surprised how little is going on there. Kinda similar to the Scorum sports blogging site, however there are still several new posts showing up in a day.

I remember from about three months ago, when I temporally stopped Scorum Patronage, because there wasn't enough interaction to keep it going. I wonder how many people are actually still blogging and how many are just watching the show from the side.

At the beginning the blogging platform was on of the biggest hopes of this project and now it feels like it is rather left alone. I got the feeling the dev team is more focusing on the recent game idea which now seems to be the biggest hope of the whole project.

Even the post reward has declined again, the value of one of my votes is so much less then it was before. I might be completely wrong, and I still hope both of the blogging sites will get the recognition they deserve.

As I wrote yesterday, I am planning and hoping to become more active on Scorum as well and provide content on a permanent basis again.

What do you think will be the future of the blogging site? Steemit or Hive seem to hold the biggest stake in that market, will Scorum be really able to keep up and compete with them. Any thought about that?

Have a great week everyone and catch you again later...

Love and Respect!