Hello Scorum,

In my last post I was happily talking about the coming cooperation of Hive and Scorum, two social blockchain projects. As I am active at both platform I was overly excited and pretty thrilled to see that Scorum is taking actions to find a strong partner.

Both platforms plan to enable their users to link their accounts and wallets and share articles on both platform. And also to receive post rewards in both wallets.

And for the future there are further plans of integrating the coming Scorum NFT games into the Hive blockchain and after that maybe some additional integration of Hive into the Scorum sports blogging platform and even a joint betting exchange.

As I said I was getting pretty excited but then I was thinking it over for while.

The question is, what is the benefit for the Scorum project?

When linking Hive and Scorum article and wallets together it should give a least Scorum writers a bigger reach and more attention. I don't know about the technical aspects, but I guess that Scorum users need a Hive account and Hive users will need a Scorum account.

So hopefully there will be lots of Hive creators coming here and signing up for a Scorum account to earn some Scorum Coins as well. Sure this is just wishful thinking, but if this cooperation gets the rights promotion especially on the Hive side, then I have no doubt that some new users will show up and get their own Scorum account.

Right now there aren't too many people who have heard about Scorum, leave alone about all the things that are going on here. It will be great if we can get the word out and present us in a decent manner.

But how about the further integration into the Hive Blockchain? Will that mean that in the NFT games or on betscorum people will be able to directly buy and sell using the Hive Coin? I might be wrong, but in that case I feel there will be no need anymore for Scorum Coin, if all financial transaction can also be done with another coin.

What are your thoughts on this? How will that cooperation between Scorum and Hive benefit our project? And what might be some risks I am not seeing yet.

Every medal has two sides, and we better talk about them right at the beginning.

Anyways, at the moment I am still excited about the things to come. But here on Scorum I have learned to be patient and to not take anything for granted or sure.

Have a great day everyone, I am looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comment section!

Love and Respect!