This topic is not new but it seems it needs to be permanently addressed. Therefor without any name dropping...

I know that it can be difficult for non-native English bloggers to write their articles in English, and I also get it, that posting articles under will increase our chances of a higher post reward.

And I also completely understand, that not every articles here on will be a superb masterpiece of the art of writing.

We are all not professional writers, but somehow most of us are continuously trying to create some interesting or informative sports blog to entertain other readers here on Scorum. Some are struggling more and some less, but most of are doing a good job, which often can take quite some of our valuable and precious time.

I do assume that most of us agree, that creativity, skills and effort should be rewarded here on Scorum, that's why we have the possibility to upvote other posts, which then can get some payout in form of Scorum Coins.

But do we want to reward articles which are just an automatic google translate translation? An often poor and crappy translation which doesn't make much sense!

As I said I understand that writing in English can be a challenge for people who have a different language background since I can speak from my own experience. Therefor I don't mind if bloggers use some tools when translating their own articles, but I am not talking about putting a whole article through google translate without even double-checking the final output.

Doing this and then posting such bullshit articles here on Scorum stinks! Yes damn, it really stinks and pisses me off.

If you do so, you simply don't show any respect to any other writer here on Scorum, writers who often spend hours and hours researching, writing, formatting and double-checking their articles. Serious blogging is hard work!

What do such crap articles provide and contribute to this platform? And why do some people still upvote it?

If you can't write in English, than please use your native language. There are so many other domains who need some genuine writers to develop their communities. But spamming the domain with poorly translated articles sucks. Seeing those articles in the hot section is clearly not a sign for a high quality level here on Scorum. It will rather put of any interested professional writers and drive some away.

Is that in our interest?