To quote the late great John Lennon "and so this is Christmas and what have you done?" Well John I’ve watched A LOT of sport this year and over the Christmas period I plan to watch a lot more! As for a New Year's resolution, I'm going to go with enjoying even more of sporting action in 2019 with the aim of doing so right here on Scorum.

2018 has been a stellar year for sports enthusiasts across the globe. Alongside the annual seasons and leagues that have taken place around the world we have been treated to massive sporting events including the Football World Cup, The Winter Olympics & Winter Paralympics ,Field Hockey World Championships, The World Handball Championship, hell we’ve even had a World Championship for Cheerleading - sadly I didn’t make the cut for Team GB and as such my pompoms have gone unshaken for another year.

To celebrate the sporting year just passed, I have been in touch with a range of writers across the platform with the aim of putting together a series of posts that showcase some of the best sporting action from 2018. Through my constant nagging we have assembled the following Smörgåsbord of blogs for your viewing pleasure

As well as being good fun to collaborate with others on projects of this nature, it is also an important means of creating stronger connections across the platform – this is after all a social media site and as such you’ve got to be, well, social!

Equally blogs of this nature have the ability to trend higher on search engines and can represent value to Scorum over a longer period of time than just the 7 days before payout.

Between the 9 of us we aim to create a blog on most days of the weeks just prior to and just after New Year with the missing days likely to be the public holidays – I’m not that much of slave driver that I would ask people to blog on Christmas Day!

We hope to see you interacting and sharing your memories and opinions on the best sports action of 2018 and your thoughts for what might occur next year throughout the series of blogs that we will be creating.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy Sporting New Year