What sort of dude walks into a new stadium and begins to kick the ball with players without greetings anyone of them? Well that is what I just did. I was so much in a hurry to get started that I forgot to greet you all. I know you deserve to be mad at me Pardon my lack of manners. Furthermore, I must be suffering from Hyper-ethuasism.

I am Tobechi. A teacher from the southern part of Nigeria. I got to know of this site when I read an article by tosyn2much on nairaland. Tosyn is a writer I so much respect . He has been my role model from a distance in the Nigerian forum. I missed his post there. I was wondering why he no longer entertain us there. Now I am certain he was kidnapped by this scorum administrators. Rather than escaping when he had the chance, He fell in love with his abductors that he recommended them to us. Well, I choose to be jailed alongside my mentor.

The prospect of writing about what one loves and getting paid for it thrilled me. I love to write as a hobby but sport writing is not my strength. I must warn you though I am a Chelsea fan and most of my write-up would be linked to the pensioners club.

Furthermore, I am Keen to be active here and will like to know how the platform works. I hope to have a wonderful experience.