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Delegate Voting
Scorum published this update earlier today regarding an update which adds some useful functionality to the Block Explorer - mainly regarding the Delegates section. We are now able to vote for up to 30 Delegates from the Scorum site. While @guiltyparties created a tool to do so quite a while ago, and I for one trust him to produce a quality product wtih no funny-business, many users may have been wary of inputting their key into a third-party site. I cannot overstate the importance of voting for good Delegates. There are currently 29 producing blocks, each of which is a group of "transactions" on the blockchain - every post, comment, upvote, wallet transfer, etc. are processed by the servers owned and/or maintained by Delegates or the third-party entities they hire to do so. So it's not only in the best interest of Scorum as a platform we want to see grow, it's in the best interest of your payouts directly. Full disclosure: I was a co-founder and remain an advisor to @teamgood, which is a team of people of various backgrounds from finance, IT, coding, and strategic analysis (among other things) and is currently the #3 ranked Delegate here on Scorum. Please consider supporting our Delegate with one of your votes! I don't think the data is available yet, nor would be reliable even if it is considering how recently Scorum has implemented the ability to vote for Delegates, but experience with other blockchains has shown a dismally low level of participation in voting. This leads to collusion between large stakeholders that can reduce or eliminate the incentive for new/smaller account holders to use the platform and its services. If we want to see our stakes grow along with the user base of this platform, it is our responsibility to do our due diligence. This includes upvoting quality content, not just those in your circle of friends, voting for active Delegates who are ideally available to respond to questions and concerns, flagging plagiarism and spam, and generally being a good caretaker of your own investment. It's business, not (usually) personal. Since you're here and I can, I'll also take the opportunity to invite you to one or both of the no-limit hold 'em tournaments @teamgood and our partners host over at Scorum Poker. Each has a prize pool of 30 SCR, plus some bounties we award for eliminating a specific player each week. This week it's on @bethalea, who has won our Sunday #alpacalypse tournament two weeks in a row!