Hey guys!

I want to talk about a game called Real Commando. It is a very exciting, thrilling and addictive action game. I downloaded this game two weeks ago and it took me only a week to finish all the levels. When I say addictive, it's a game that will eat up your whole day and you won't even know

Real Commando has various missions. It has Sniper Mission which has just 10 missions. It also has Assault Mission where you get into the real mission game. The Sniper Mission is very difficult. As you progress it become more difficult to advance to the next level. It has 80 missions in total

In the Multi player mission you're the boss in the war zone who gives instructions to your soldiers on how to take enemies. The last missions which is the secret and mission is unavailable at the moment. I guess they are still working on it

As a player, you have a variety of weapons such as snipper, assault Ripple, etc to use against these deadly terrorists. They are also equipped with sophisticated weapons and they are very ruthless. You have to monitor the maps closely to know there movements otherwise you're a goner if you walk into their territory

As you progress and earn more gems, you can buy new weapons that would take down enemies at few shots. You can also buy health paths to restore your health when you're almost dying.

This is a game you would like so much and I would recommend it you if you're an action game addict