The fact that there is no need to make an effort to slip on hardened snow is also inevitable. The first regions in which the region has emerged are known as Altaylar / Siberia and Mongolia. B.C. In the 4000s around Lake Baikal, skiing was used as a means of carding, and it was also used for military purposes in the 15th century Central Asia and Scandinavia. When it develops over time and becomes a sport and activity, it is based on the middle of the 17th century. The first ski races held in the world were competitions held in Cristina in 1866. The International Ski Federation was established in Switzerland in 1924 and skiing was included in the winter Olympics program in the same year.

If Turkey Ski Federation in 1935 "Mountaineering and Equestrianism Federation" was founded under the name.

Here is information about the types of skiing

Alpine skiing, ski jumping, ski jumping, snowboarding and biathlon sports are the main branches of the mountain.

ski run,Skiing is the name given to long-distance races with skiing on rough terrain. 15, 30 and 50 km for men and 5 and 10 km for women.

Ski jump is a type of skiing made by jumping from the platform and filtering through the air. i think this is the most enjoyable

Snowboarding is a board-only sport. Snowboard, which is based on acrobatic movements in addition to kaymak in a short period of time, has created its own passion and has become a way of life.

Biathlon is a winter sport where skiing jogging and shooting with a rifle come together. There is a defense history based on 18th century Scandinavia. It is based on the fact that the soldiers protecting the Norwegian and Swedish borders are both fast-moving and well-aimed.


It is a sporting sport that has undergone a great development and is still going through today as it was born. In the mountainous regions where weather conditions are favorable, there are huge facilities only for skiing. Skiing has become an elite activity that has created its own culture with its deeply rooted past dating back thousands of years. Skiing has become a way of life for skiing enthusiasts who need weather conditions to be able to do so. The joy of skiing through the coniferous trees and the white snow landscape is so different that it can not be compared with anything else. At least once in life, absolutely necessary. Once you've tried it, it's easy to be passionate.

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