In what great euphoria Dawid Kubacki set us up yesterday. The Pole won the ski jumping competition in Predazzo, thus breaking Ryoyu Kobayashi's hegemony. The Japanese so far won everything that was possible.

Dawid Kubacki won the ski jumping competition in Predazzo. Stefan Kraft stood on the second place. On the box there was also a place for Kamil Stoch, who gave a great second jump. Stoch in the second series was promoted from eighth to third place. Piotr Żyła in Predazzo took the 10th place, Maciej Kot took the 25th position, Jakub Wolny 29th, while Stefan Hula finished the World Cup competition on the 30th position. Interestingly, Kobayashi was only seventh.

Ski jumping 2019 World Cup in Zakopane: history of the competition

The World Cup in Zakopane with small breaks has been organized since 1980. Wielka Krokiew, and more specifically, the hill of Stanisław Marusarz in Zakopane, is the capital of Polish skiing. A set of spectators always appears in the stands, and the tickets sell out like hot cakes. The atmosphere during the World Cup competition is amazing. Even foreign jumpers who come back to Zakopane every year with great pleasure appreciate it.

Interestingly, it was not Adam Małysz or Kamil Stoch who most often triumphed on the hill in Zakopane. On the highest step of the podium, Gregor Schlierenzauer, the Austrian, stood the most often - five times. Stoch and Malysz took the first place four times.

The Polish national team in ski jumping, a year ago in Zakopane won the team competition. White-and-reds performed in the following composition: Maciej Kot, Stefan Hula, Dawid Kubacki and Kamil Stoch. Second place was taken by Germany, and third by Norwegians.

At the Wielka Krokwia in Zakopane on January 28, 2018, the Slovene Anze Semenic was the best in the individual competition. The remaining places were occupied by Germany Andreas Wellinger and countryman Seminicia, Peter Prevc.

Ski Jumping 2019: when will the World Cup in Zakopane take place?

Ski jumping in Zakopane will take place on January 18-20, 2019. On Friday at 18:00 (Polish time) official qualifications for the Sunday individual competition will start. A training series was planned earlier. The next day at 15:00 there will be a trial series, and at 16:15 the team competition of the World Cup in Zakopane will begin. To end the excitement in the capital of the Polish Tatras, the individual competition will start at 16:00.

The list of the best-earning World Cup jumpers

Kamil Stoch, who stood only twice on the lowest step of the podium, was promoted to the second place on the list of the best-earning World Cup jumpers. The Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi is the unquestionable leader.

Japanese, who once won in Predazzo and extended the series of victories to six in a row. In the second competition he was only the seventh, but he has almost twice as many prizes as Stoch. After 16 out of 28 competitions, he has 126,800 Swiss francs.

The three-time Olympic champion KAmil Stoch is second and has earned 69,900 CHF and at the same time the best of the white and red. The differences, however, are minimal - Piotr Zyla is only 300 francs less, and Kubacki, who won in Predazzo on Sunday, and on Saturday was second, 66 300 Swiss francs.

The first four payrolls are also the best four jumpers in the sports classification of the World Cup.

The bonus of the International Ski Federation (FIS) for the first place in each individual competition is 10,000. francs, for the second - 8,000, and third - 6,000. The last, 30th place in the final FIS series is valued at 100 francs. The triumph in the team is 7,500 francs.

Official bonuses are not the only incomes of ski jumpers. World's top players have signed private sponsorship and advertising contracts, the amount of which is covered by trade secrets.