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Thank you all.

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Throughout my life, I have heard people tell their stories. Some tragic, some adventurous, some great while some still don’t have definition.

I have always wished to be like them. I thought that was a great idea anyway, growing up as a kid my parents, friends and teachers would ask me; WHO IS YOUR ROLE MODEL? WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? Literally, I never understood those questions as a kid and I gave no answer to those questions.

So, one day, while Miss Bisi was teaching us career education in college, she threw the question at me. She said hey Simbi, what would you like to be in the future or who do you look up to while growing up? Wow that was close I said, and everyone laughed. I said; Miss Bisi, don’t get it twisted, I haven’t answered this question up to a thousand times while growing up as a little boyand I still don’t understand it, am sure some of us would like to know what that question means and then have a clear and vivid understanding of our future.

She then took three steps backward, and sat on the desk in front of the classroom. She asked me to sit down and Then she began: if you all sitting here wants to be someone great in life, if you really want to be on the screen of that coloured TV you see at home, if you want your name to appear on the Newspapers every day, if you want to be remembered like Clinton, Abraham Lincolin and other great men of this great nation, tomorrow I will show you a world. In this world there are many opportunities, lives, happiness, sadness and anything you can think of. Tomorrow I will take you for a ride in life time. That is the end of the class.


Everyone was happy because it was Friday, and Friday is next to weekend and then weekend is next to hangouts. But this Friday was different. Everyone in my class came to school earlier that morning waiting for Miss Bisi to come take us to this new world.

When Miss Bisi arrived, we asked her if we were still going to see this new world. She said; well not all of you will be brave enough to enter into this new world, but you all will see it. I became frightened in my heart but hid my weakness.

She said; I will be taking you all to the sharks and whales into the heart of the waves. Some of us became afraid and refused to come along. We thought she was going to take us as sacrificial lambs to sharks and whales. At first, I refused to go with them but my instincts pushed me with its legs into the bus and we rode off.

She said; we are going to the beach, let’s go for a lesson, that’s where we will be having our class today.


Albonsnow is a city in Katangoro, it’s known for the beautiful lives and landscape it bears. The beach has drawn thousands of Tourists to Albonsnow and I have always dreamed of being to Albonsnow beach.

We all sat down by the bay of the ocean and watched surfers play with the waves. Some would run with their surfing board and chased by the waves. It was like a honeymoon love play.

Whoever wants to surf would first lay on his/her board and row it with their hand like swimming penguins into the wave.

Our teacher asked us to take off our clothes and put on the surfing suits. She had picked some from the stores but hid them from us. I hurriedly did that; I can’t wait for the oceans pursuit.

We all dived in and began to swim, Miss Bisi shouted at us to come out at once. This is not why you are here.

I brought you here to give you to the sharks and whales and not to swim to them. We became confused and sat down quietly. She only told us to watch.

Something grabbed my attention, a man was surfing the waves, it threw itself up and down on him but he didn’t fall, the next minute he would disappear the second minute he would appear, I pointed at the man and asked our teacher if the man was going to die.

She said to us; that wave is the world I was telling you. In that world that man represents our success and failures, our sadness and happiness. That ups and down of the wave are the troubles of life. The sharks and whales in there are failures in different forms. If that man fails to win the wave, be steadfast, strong and confident in himself and his board, he would fall into the wave, then the sharks will have him as lunch before the end of the day. But if he wins the wave, be steadfast, strong and confident in himself and his board then that’s success. So in life every decision you make has its own impact in your future. Decide to win and you will win, decide to fail and you fail.

That man over there in this new world has made his decision not to fail. He has carried his board which is his stepping stone, his surfing suit which is his shield, his surfing hook that hooks him to his board that is his steering, even if he falls, his board will still be by his side for him to continue. So am not saying that you won’t fail or fall sometimes in life, but rising again is what defines your capabilities of existence.

I hope you all now understand my question yesterday. Who do you want to be when you grow up? THE MAN WHO FALLS AND RISEs AGAIN, OR THE MAN WHO FALLS AND NEVER ROSE AGAIN.

After Miss Bisi finished asking us this question, the man whom I saw back in the ocean came and asked; who wants to surf?

Guess who identified for the ride; we all did, including Miss Bisi. And now she is happily married to him and I am their son in this new World.


Thanks for reading.