Hello! Friends,

Great performance right here brought in a world record for Simona Halep as Serena William keeps losing at finals. Can you imagine the seven-time winner as far as Wimbledon champion is concerned lost in the watch of Mother Theresa, The Prime Minister for England?

Serena William has recorded the third times she will lose the trophy in the final after she comes back from pregnancy delivery. The recent match ended with 6-2 6-2 and Halep claimed her first Wimbledon Champion. William was known to be the former No. 1 in the world of women Tennis but she keeps on finding it hard in this just concluded match. Halep picked on a good starting to lead William as William keeps roaring at her performance. All her everything as a Tennis star was thrown to Halep, who is just 27 years old, but her best was not enough to knock down Halep. I feel her body is weak and she needs to rest at this time if after returning from a pregnancy, she still performs to the point of reaching the final, William deserves an accolade and indeed she is a great player.

There was a huge number of people watching the game, just to end it in defeat for William who is in her last 30. This game was played in front of Prime Minister Theresa the royal duo Markle Meghan, and it's really painful to see the American great lost in front of them, but its a determination lock up in the mind of Halep to defeat William as she played like the game was just her late in Margaret Court.

A quick shot! Yes William was ready, but following the match, as the ball is served and the moment the rallies stay longer, William was the one to break down, but on the other hand, Halep was very more ready to spring attack due to the fact that she is one of the best movers in the world of Tennis. It got to a point speculator has to charge William from the crowd as one of them shouted on top of her voice, William <gwmw class="ginger-module-highlighter-mistake-type-3" id="gwmw-15630400006043161231153">wake</gwmw> up!

Oh no, you can't give what you don't have. Serena has done it several times to claim the victory by waking up, but at this time, the body is weak and comparing your body when you are young to when you are old might not give you the glory you wanted, not that you are not ready to pick up the challenge but its nature and you can't just cheat it.

Friends, the time to build up yourself and achieve all you can is now! The moment your body is weak you may not be able to catch up with the challenge that will be placed before you. Act Now to become a remarkable moment for you. Serena William has records that many of us can talk about because she wakes up to the challenge at her early stage, what are you doing now that you are still very much active