WTA500 / Saint Petersburg / 1st round: Elena Ostapenko - Paula Badosa

In this meeting, forecasters give an unconditional advantage to Bados. The Spanish tennis player is on the 70th place, and the Latvian athlete is on the 53rd line of the rating. Privateers are betting on tennis in favor of Bados. She is preferred because she shows a better game in the hall.

First set

Badosa was the first to serve. She failed to score a point in the first game. Ostapenko converted a break point and took the lead: 1 - 0. Ostapenko wins the second game. Badosa wins 3 games on his serve. At the same time, Ostapenko was unable to realize several break points. The opponents won the next three games on their serves. Score: 4 - 2.

In the 7th game, with a score of 40 - 30, Badosa compares: 40 - 40. Ultimately, Ostapenko realized a break point (5 - 2). She went to serve the set. She more than took advantage of her chance. Ostapenko wins game and set (6 - 2).

Set number 2

Begins the second set of Bados. She wins a point on her serve (0 - 1). Ostapenko wins gem # 2 on his serve (1 - 1). In game 3, Ostapenko converted a break point (2 - 1). In game 4, Ostapenko wins a point on his serve. She took the lead 3 - 1. Bados takes a point in the 5th game. It reduces the backlog (3 - 2). In the second set, Ostapenko was able to win the last three games. She wins the set and the match. Set score: 6 - 2. Match score: 2 - 0 (6 - 2 and 6 - 2).

It took Elena Ostapenko only 56 minutes to win. She confidently won the mats and advanced to the second round. This time the forecasters and bookmakers were wrong.