5,000 SCR Giveaway!
To celebrate the much anticipated launch of ScorumBet, the SBC (Scorum Betting Community) are pleased to announce a bonanza of a SCR giveaway totalling 5,000 SCR! Yes you heard that correctly will be giving away 5,000 SCR to celebrate the launch of this great addition to the Scorum platform, namely ScorumBet. The SBC are a group who are passionate about sports betting and see ScorumBet as the ideal addition to the blogging platform. Now you will be able to Bet as well as Blog and we are fully behind the launch. This promotion is geared towards supporting the launch of the betting product and therefore will be dependant on placing bets and hopefully earning Scorum in the process. We had hoped to open this up to all users on here but recent events have proven that not all accounts or activity is genuine, I won't go into detail on that but you should read this post for further information. Strange Transfers So this promotion is only open to SBC members since we are familiar with the activity of these accounts and that they are of good standing on Scorum platform. To participate in this promotion you will have to be a member of the SBC discord server, details of how to do that will be made available in a later post as will the detailed rules of the giveaway. Obviously the betting product is not yet launched so I cannot go into great detail in this post but generally speaking we will be giving away SCR for participation and betting performance for the month of December (Hoping we do launch in November). There will be a minimum amount of SCR to be wagered during the promotion and also a minimum number of bets to be placed, this will be finalised when we have a bit more information available. The plan at the moment is to payout 50% to all those taking part in the contest and the other 50% will be paid out to those who have performed the best during the event. The SBC is made up of @btb, @costanza, @fullcoverbetting and me @stimp1024 Look out for a post by @btb who will give details of the SBC and how to join, he is also a witness on Scorum and we would be very grateful if you can give him your witness votes. Lookout for further updates!

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