Hi guys! My name is Kenneth and people know me as Kennyroy. I am 34 years of age, Temporary living here in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates for almost 13 years to work as an Interior Designer. I am a married person with 3 children with me here in Abu Dhabi.

Volleyball is my game since high school! I love volleyball game. Even that I am here in UAE, I'm still playing with other people! Expect what I am going to post is only my game in Volleyball with videos and image.

I have no idea yet here in Scorum.com even that I heard something about the sports blog system. But I am happy to share my everyday life about my favorite sports! But for the basketball, I just learned to play here with the help of my friends and take advantage of my jumping skills and fast movement. LOL


This is my friends here in UAE and we did a lot of games since 2007 and we lost a lot of friends going back to our country due to the collapse of the economy here in the UAE.

This image above was taken last July 2018 and we lose the game. LOL, There's a lot of strong players here even other nationality can join in our leagues.

This image above was taken this month of October 2018, my last game for now. And wait?! I am in the news! Check this link below! (^_^)


Thank you for welcoming me here in sport blog site...