Volley ball has been a type of sport referred to as the ladies game by some individuals. This can be true to fact that there are more ladies in the world of volleyball than male participants. This game could be said to have derived its characteristics from sports such as hand ball and tennis. Professional volleyball hasn't really been my thing but that doesn't prevent me from relating to a few tricks. Been acquainted to the fundamentals of lots of sports has been a priority that's why its hard to come across a sport without few knowledge.

Dated back in the days when video games were still evolving, one could hardly get a compact disk with volleyball staged in it unlike football, basket ball, tennis and so on. As days turned to weeks, weeks to month and month to years, the game has actually stuck it roots to the sport like nature of the physical inhabitants of my locale. Still trying to root the techniques and its skillful creativity, sportsmen gladly engage in this game for numerous reasons.

Photo credit to me - shot taking in a college volleyball training.


Within my geographical locale, the weather kinda gives out an atmospherical balance to enable players play without much hindrances. Back in college, you could find a Volleyball court in the outskirt of the yard. Made of rough concrete floor, it really obstructs the total fun of the game. A player can't really dive to avoid the ball from grounding. The fear of been intensively bruised is always at heart.


During summer games, volleyball looks interesting when played on the sandy layers of the beach. That has always been the perfect moment to exhibit the skills you've got. However, I ain't too much of a player but my digging and service capabilities gives me high marks. My topspin serve has been a trademark for me. I'll perpetually target the weakest receiver of the other team and give the ball a straight flight on top speed. I do win at least seven points on a count of 15 from the serve. I've been a victim of some kinda ridiculous hits. I've been knocked down occasionally by spike kings when they strike the ball straight to my forehead and leaves me struggling for balance. In a twinkle of an eye, I'm on the flow. Then, I'm to give a bow to the spiker, referring to him as a king.

Moreover, An umpire who oversees the time play of the game have been knocked down often by reckless play and it has always been a funny moment. Seeing the umpire fall off from his stand😂.


This is the game played for recreational purposes. Never seen one played professionally though. Playing volleyball during a sultry afternoon in a swimming pool gives a cool mindset, reducing the scorching of the sun on the body. Its a kinda encounter where both sexes play in one team since its no competition.

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