Are you Stanley? Then what the heck are doing in my presence?!


You can't imagine how irritated, agitated and infuriated I felt at that time, I felt like choking someone, I felt like squeezing someone and if I end up lucky, that someone would be Stanley.


Stanley has succeeded in temporarily ruining my life and career as a wrestler and celebrity.. In the most important match of my career Stanley came into the match and knocked me out as I was about winning the countdown, thereby handing my opponent an undeserved winning and an undeserved belt, the most desired belt every wrestler has envisioned winning.

As I lay there in anguish and pain, looking at Stanley laughing shamelessly at me while walking away I wished I had supernatural powers, the fictional Superman power would do at that point in time, but unfortunately, I laid helpless and needed the help of the referee to help me up after the pain has reduced a little. I walked down the exit path with my face on my palm crying, I can't imagine I have lost the most cherished belt in the game, a belt I was inches away from winning, I lost that belt as a result of Stanley's jealousy of my glorious and adorable career as a wrestler.

On getting to my apartment after treatment, I saw the unbelievable, Stanley screwing my girlfriend, WHAT??? Not again!! I was about diving on him not minding my body condition, unfortunately for me he came prepared, there were friends of his, weird looking guys guiding him, I was held back and beaten a second time, in excruciating pain I was made to watch him finish the screwing. It was the worst day of my life, Stanley has cost me two things so dear to me in one day, it was so unbearable.

Fast-forward weeks after the encounter, I healed fast with anger and rage, I couldn't get the thoughts of getting back at Stanley off my mind. I went to the Wrestling officiating team and demanded a re-match, this time around with Stanley. Fortunately for me, they too feel my pain and desperately support my incessant zeal to crush Stanley.

A match date was set, I and Stanley to battle in "NO MERCY", I couldn't be more happier, at least I have gotten the opportunity of giving Stanley a taste of revenge, I also had the opportunity of giving back to my fans what they deserved prior to Stanley's annoying intervention last time I was in the ring. It all played out well for me and I spent the remaining weeks to the match preparing greatly, trying to be in the best shape possible.


Finally, the long awaited day arrived, I laced up, dressed up and got prepared for "BATTLE OF THE FALLEN". I first arrived in the ring after impressive and morale-improving cheers from fans. Then came the Stanley music, behold Stanley coming out in his routine awkward green attire, his annoying dance and unimpressive show, he was booed by majority of the fans as he danced up to the ring, I could see the annoying look on the referee's face like he wants to be the wrestler fighting Stanley, that was how much Stanley was hated.

Oh referee, leave Stanley to me.

Stanley came up into the ring, looked at me and smiled sheepishly and I wished he could feel my rage. The bell was rang and I wasted no time in pouncing on Stanley, I gave Stanley a thorough beating that even the annoyed referee couldn't hold me back, the stands stood still in confusion as they watched me rain terrible hits after hits on Stanley.

Ouch! Is Stanley still alive??

Security officials had to be called in to intervene, I was stopped by five hefty security men, I was prevented from inflicting terrible damage beyond treatment on Stanley.

Whatever Stanley's treatment file reads, I don't care, at least I have gotten my revenge.


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