Take a gander at this awesome piece incorporating Sengalese and American or 'folk stlye' wrestling.

Apparently 'laamb' is a huge sensation in Senegal and indigineous African regions as it started as a regular past time.

As stated in the docustyle video below, cab drivers and regular day workers would wrestle and 'shoot fight' in 'laamb' style to pass the time... but now it has become a continental sport!

The Olypmic Sports and Pan-Asian/African games include Laamb as a recognized sport just as boxing and wrestling are recognized in North American regions.

I consider Laamb to be a take on mixed martial arts moreso than wrestling considering the ability to land strikes at will on the opponent.

The nature of endurance and tolerance for pain does make this a bloodsport, and in turn all the more interesting.

The dynamos who take part in the sport are in physical peak condition, and seeing their use of modern wrestling transitions such as the 'whizzer' with the utilization of hip throws shows their evolution and intellgence within the sport.

There are no boundaries for these athletes as it has become their everyday routine. I look forward to seeing a few of these men in the mixed martial arts arena sooner than later, I think they'd make more than a few waves!