We are a few days away from the much awaited and one of the biggest revenge of the decade between two African Traditional Wrestling colossi, Modou Lô and Balla Gaye 2 scheduled this Sunday.

Balla Gaye 2 and Modou Lo are about to lock horns for the second time, precisely on 13 January, 2019, the Arena of champions at the Léopold Sédar Senghor stadium will have another taste of blood in Dakar, Senegal. Two of Africa’s champions will seek to overpower and dominate the other within some prescribed time limit. All the necessary physical training's and preparations have been concluded both home and abroad by foreign and local coaches. The marabouts have done their casting of spells, issued the necessary ambulates and substances. The dos and the don’ts for each have strictly been formulated, and of course the spirits have been called upon, consulted with and appeased accordingly.

Balla Gaye 2 Open Press.

Modou Lo and Balla Gaye 2 as I have previously written are two familiar champions, and are arch enemies to the core. The rage that one fighter bears for the other is un fathomable, especially for Modou Lo, his one and only dream is to find himself standing straight over Gaye 2 with his back on the soft sand within the small radius of the arena in victory. The quest to avenge a previous defeat of a decade ago is beyond common reason.

For Gaye 2, it is another opportunity to prove once again that the previous victory was not a fluke. He had prepared for the previous victory and has done so presently. To lose this match will bring nothing but shame and damnation to him, his entire camp, family, village and of course to his teeming fans home and abroad. A defeat will give room for another re-match; a win for him will seal the mouths of doubters and that of Modou permanently.


The Renaissance Monument house which is the choice location for the face to face between the duo was filled to the brim on the 5th of January. They were giving the room to express to each other what to expect come in a week’s time. The face off was such that the provoking words exchanged, presents a potential atmosphere that have raised the expectations of fans and analysts to mountain level, as well as a promise of a predatory show of superior brute strength as never seen before.

As I have written previously, Gaye 2 may have physical advantages in the area of height, size and reach. Those advantages no doubt played significant role in his previous victory besides the required training. Those physical qualities however, did not go up to Gaye 2’s head, it was said that the reports emanating from his adversaries camp were such that it will be foolhardy of him or any of his crew members to lay in wait and expect miracles to happen on the D-day. The fear of eminent defeat from a lesser foe has prompted Gaye 2 to train like never before.

Modou Lo's Open Press.

As for Modou Lo, it was said that he has trained in such a way that he can stand physically up to Gaye 2 or anyone else. In fact, his supporters and some of his crew members were said to have exclaimed ‘it is finished’. With the kind of training received by Modou at home and abroad, there is no questioning his victory over Gaye 2. The picture below is an attempt to show to his adversary that he Gaye 2 may be bigger and taller, but he is an obstacle that Modou has learned how to upset during the months of training.

From the look of things, both fighters are equally fired up, both have real and true motive to want to vanquish the other in the arena. Therefore, i think the fight is going to be a tough one come 13 January, for each fighter and each camp. Gaye 2 wants to set the records straight once and for all, while Modou is set for a revenge of the decade.


All images used are Google sourced.