The Empress of Tommorow and a True Renaissance Lady (googleimages/WWE)

I plan my next post to be on Martial Arts as I grew up deeply involved in that world and have ties to it to this day. Growing up breaking boards and learning the arts of self-discipline and how important a good offense is instilled quite the work ethic in me. Right now though I'm wanting to give a shout out to a personal Wrestling heroine of mine... Asuka (アスカ). She is not new to the game at all and started out as a Pro in Japan. What I LOVE about her is her Swagger!

"The Empress of Tommorow makes her RAW debut!" YouTube/WWE

She blends in incredible athleticism, pageantry, charisma and her one of a kind swagger in a seamless blend into WWE from NEO Japanese Women's Wrestling. "The Miz" can blame his first MMC loss on Asuka but I say to that, "You go on with your bad self and forget about the theatrical blame game !" She simply has that "It" factor wrapped around her little finger and has captured lightning in a bottle...sorry Miz.

Youtube, WWE...Asuka wails on Charlotte Flair!

Her achievements are very impressive and she has the resume to back up her bravado. Here are just a few of Asuka's many milestones... She was WWE's Female Competitor of the Year back to back in 2016 and 2017. Asuka became the first Japanese wrestler to top PWI's Female Top 50 list in 2017. Before coming to America she was a force to be reckoned with in both WP Joshi Puroresu and Reina Joshi Puroresu, just to name a few of her ventures. Being the Renaissance Lady that she is, she also is a graphic designer and rather heavily involved in gaming. :)

Me in Beast Mode!