An average sports consumer usually starts with, so called, “soft” sports, like table tennis or volleyball. But they can get boring very quickly (with an exception of women’s volleyball), and then the addiction leads consumer to something where you can see some blood…

Yes, something like basketball, football or… formula one! But that also quickly gets boring, because you have to wait for blood. And there are improved security measures and systems, which makes waiting even longer. After all, there is only a short period in which an average sports consumer can enjoy watching reruns of Ayrton Senna going into the wall of Imola at full speed, right?

Source: The Argus

That’s the main reason the majority of the average sports consumers soon migrate to extreme sports. There you have a cage and two gladiators who fight to death… or a serious injury, whatever. That can extend an attention span for some time… but not too long. Thanks to the developed capitalist distraction-by-sports machinery, an average sports consumers are getting blood thirsty ever quicker. Are we, then, going to see throwing of Christians to the lions again? Of course, not. That got boring while the Roman Empire still existed!

So, where do modern average blood-thirsty sports consumer can turn to? Thinking about the ones who made their lives miserable? That’s dangerous to the ruling “elite”. They have to find them some really cruel sport, so masculine that you can’t watch it with your wife present. Something that contains ultimate cruelty. Something that needs…

WARNING: This video contains scenes of a highly disturbing nature. You are watching it at your own responsibility!

OK, wrong video, sorry. That was not cruel enough. Forget it and continue to the real deal:

It’s OK, you can thank me later ;)