Once upon a time the wrestling ring shook Stone Cold, in the movie also played. Wondrously watching the wolting of Rock, Batista, TripleH, John Sana, on the TV screen, is a fascinating world-wide crowd. Tens of thousands of tickets were cut by the wrestler's wrestling wrestling and the fierce wrestling saw many people. But these wrestlers have a personal life behind the scenes. It can be said that much like filmstars are kept out of the scenes of their past.


However, it is not possible for the media to scam the eyes and it is not possible for anyone. Many of the wrestlers of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, whose previous name was WWF (World Wrestling Federation), were the main occupations but not wrestling. Some of them are those who have targeted beforehand, have been preparing to become wrestler. Many people came from another professionally. Here are some of the famous Wrestler's past shining past for online readers:

John Sena: He is the 15-time World Champion of WWE. This mallabirake of the hal diramira the world as much as the people who know about the past, much less than they know.

Prior to WWE's ring, John Sen was a Limogane driver. Many of his fans would have difficulty assessing that he was running a stomached limousine driver. In the current US market, a limousine driver's pay per year is 11 dollars. Later, he became the manager of the world famous Gold Jim.

Stone Cold: Before the storm in WWE, Stone was very close to the Cold Physical Education degree. But due to some low credit, he did not break his fate. After that, he had to take the work of the vessel for shipyard. At one stage in 1989, Chris Adams was admitted to school to learn Wrestling in Dallas. Then the history is history. In addition to the triumph of wrestling in the world of wrestling, he has acted in the film, as a media personality.

Steve Austin aka Stone Cold, one of the most discussed characters in American TV-based wrestling history, is a time-loaded ship loader. In particular, Vince McMahon and other famous wrestlers have a history in their quarrel-wrestling world.

Goldberg: Before coming to Wrestling, Goldberg was an American footballer (rugby player). For this, he did not have to deal with such poor poverty. But once the stomach has a severe injury.

Since then it is impossible to continue playing football. Join WCW (World Championship Wrestling), another world famous wrestling organization. Then join the WWE.

Triple H: She is caught as WWE's top superstar. Prior to making a noise in the wrestling world, he was a worker of US fast-food chain Wendy's.

Wrestler Triple H, husband of WWF's chief brand officer Stefanie McMahon's husband, several times in the world champion's title. In the same way, he was the son-in-law of WWII chairman Vince McMahon.

Batista: Occurrence in the professional life - The horror does not end. Bitestara's childhood, known as 'The Animal' in the wrestling ring in the eyes of millions of observers around the world, has been under the pressure of cruel poverty. At the age of 13, after registering a car with a thief in the eyes of the need, the name of the thief was named. A few years later the nightclub bouncer (the guardian) took the job. But in one incident, the nightclub beat two patrons to make the plank. The result is - Batista police arrests.

Then there is a continuous breakdown in life. Lifeguard took a job at one stage. He came here and changed his life. Start the body building drill. From there the name of the wrestler was written. The anothers are history.