The revival are backed out by television for quite whereas presently being supplanted by the lucha party during a tag-team elimination chamber and not being sported on any weekly television points or possibly home shows. Company attempted their finest to have the tag team to re-sign with the organized.

According to reports by their workplace breaking as high as one million bucks Annually pay each year which is a lot.

All their efforts have proved fruitless however as the pair are still set on letting their contracts expire and leave WWE probably for AEW. Reports were surfacing that WWE was still confident they were going to re-sign their contracts before those reports vanished and were replaced with reports that they were instead going to be made comedy acts on their way out instead and those reports have now vanished and has been replaced with reports of the pair being sent home to wait out the rest of their contracts. It might unintentionally get them more over on their way out of the company kind of like what happened to Matt Hardy when he was attacked by Randy Orton because crowds don't buy that kind of burial in 2020.

Their downside secures has been exceeded which is why they're not being paid for just like giving a fight regularly. For your information a downside secure is basically the minimal quantity of income someone would be paid off in a year with the possibility of gaining more from merchandise and bonuses etc.