As much as it sounds strange, it seems that Betman’s strategy to revive BetScorum through chess posts gives excellent results…

You may consider it another paradox, but when Betman sets odds and sends them through discordapp & Telegram, hardly anyone notice. But when Betman sends a CHESS post at Scorum, people bet 300% more! Yes, from two bets to six! Therefore, Betman will start this text with another exciting chess show. Watch fearless Andrea Botez plays against the atrociously disgusting, radioactive green pieces!

If your optic nerve has recovered from this video, now you can gather your almost worthless SCRs and at least have some fun with them betting against Betman at the repulsively dull & criminal UEFA Europa League football games – since we don’t have anything else here:

And when you lose everything, we’ll go back to enjoy chess games!