Who would say that Friday is going to be such wastelands? Nine matches and not even one surebet… :(

That was two really hard and empty days without BetScorum. Betman almost started thinking to get a job at some big exploiting capitalist monster-corporations. As an advisor, of course, what else? Please go and advise BetScorum team to chose new sports for our favorite platform. What do you think about tennis, since it has all-year coverage, especially in the off-weekend days, when other athletes usually are resting?

Back to the wastelands… Fortunately, after every Friday, comes a Saturday. Except once when Wednesday came after Friday, but the bouncers throw her out and threaten her to stick to her schedule.

And in the early hours of Saturday, some good soul has offered absolutely beautiful odds at this match:

19 Jan, 02:00 CET: Monarcas vs. Veracruz

Betman is truly grateful to the unknown bettor. And would like to return favor by drawing attention to a spectacular…

SBC 5,000 SCR Giveaway for January

…which so far gathered almost 60 people!

Betman wishes you good luck and many more sports very soon!