It’s the end of La Liga. Silly season when everything is possible. There is no real reason to take a chance at this game at this time, but Betman likes to risk. Especially when he is not the one who’s paying for the bet…

Betman really didn’t want to bet on this match. This is the last round. Both teams are mentally already on vacation, and they will probably look to save their precious leggies for the next season, legging down the pitch and returning insults to the lynch mob in the audience. Betman has a strong dilemma, and need some kind of leggy incentive…

OK, Betman will see what he can do… Let’s deconstruct these dabblers:

Real & Real cannot improve their table position, they only can finally bring Betman’s winning streak to an end, and leave noble Izge without 10 SCR in his Five Fastest Fingers contest. As far as I know them, they will probably do it like Nike. On the other hand, if the Madrid players want to keep their legendary slave driver, ZiZi, on the bench next year, they could actually put some effort and win this game. But if you want some sane advice, Betman would say: „Go ahead, and follow Betman — if you can bet with someone else’s money!”

Betman would take 1 @1.613, but since there is no 10 SCR on that option at BetScorum, he will have to take that less profitable odds:

19 May, 12:00 CET: Real Madrid vs Real Betis 1X @1.241

Watch now SCR exploding to $0.021 if Betman loses this bet!

Is it really good to wish me a good luck?