I made a post near the end of last year laying down my overall Betting Plan to hopefully make some profit on betscorum.com and survive the downswings that come along. Once a month, I will make a report on how things have gone with the bets I have taken on this account along with my overall experience on the Betting Exchange.

Betting in December was still very much without a clear plan and stakes ranged from 0.4 SCR on the smallest bet to 1000 SCR on the biggest one. The fact that it's a betting exchange means stakes very much rely on what is available or on what bets get accepted by others. With the 0% fees, I will also easily be able to get in and out of positions and that's exactly what I am doing.

The biggest bet I took was on Lazio +0.5 @ 1.909 and actually ended up losing. Realizing I went a bit too wild on the stakes there and the market moving against me made me hedge out of it and limit my overall risk on that match. I will be placing a lot of bets both by putting up and taking offers on the exchange. It' is hard to guess what the estimated results will be but I believe +4% ROI over time should be possible and that is what I'm aiming for.

( Personal Betscorum Results Graph )

It's still very early on and I'm hoping to get at least 250+ bets in during the month of January slowly building that betting sample. I'm also hoping for the numbers of active users to go up on the exchange allowing to get in bigger stakes on a more regular basis.

Betscorum Results

December 2018 | 65 Bets | 7836 SCR Staked | +744 SCR | +9.50% ROI

Betscorum User Experience

The Betting Exchange has actually been a joy from a user experience point of view. Everything is intuitive for me and works fast and consistent very much like regular betting exchanges but with 0% fees. If I were to make adjustments right now it would be minor ones.

  • Add Over/Under Odds on the Main Page

Most people who will use the betting exchange will be more casual bettors who mainly want fun out of it. What they bet are mostly 1x2 or Over / Under 2.5. The 1x | 12 | 2x options are great for the ones who want to offer odds on 1x2 but are less popular compared to the totals. It's pretty much how Sportmarket Pro is offering their bets in a very user-friendly way giving access to the most popular options for many matches on the front page including the handicaps.

  • Live Betting Tab

It is great to have live betting available on the platform, but in order for it to be active, we need a huge amount of users and probably also some bots offering odds. Currently, it seems to take away from the matches that are about to start and have odds on offer, especially when many matches are in-play. Moving them to a live betting tab could offer a solution.

  • Move Available on Market Up

This is a small detail, but often times when taking a bet and wanting to enter the stakes you can no longer see the exact amount that is up on offer. I nearly always have to go back and double check often not taking up everything leaving odds on the exchange with <1 SCR. Moving the Available on market up would solve this minor issue.

That's about it for this month. Big thanks to the Scorum Devs for delivering a great product. Everyone feel free to join the SBC Discord. Things have been more active than ever with most sports bettors from Scorum being around these days.