I'm making these weekly posts as a way to track my personal pre-game handicapping results along with my live betting action on Belgian Teams. These posts will usually contain some insights when it comes down to my general approach and what I do to increase my chance of beating the market.

It was one of the rare weekends where I didn't have a single big pre-game or Live bet. Sometimes the best thing to do is not force any action. Most teams in the Belgian League are currently highly inconsistent in their performance and i'm having a hard time pulling the trigger on plays right now. I did mostly stick to live betting trying to find smaller spots to get into and managed to make a nice 0.648 unit profit with that good for 6.4% ROI.

It remains quite hard to combine the trading with a betting mindset. There were some bigger spots I got myself into pre-game but the bigger stakes were more due to the fact that I knew I was going to have an option to get out of them if needed. 1H U 1.25 @ 1.909 in Oostende was one of them. I did partially hedge out just to lower the exposure but kept most of it. The pre-game bets on Standard and The Under I managed to fully get out of. Something I'm learning more and more is that it's usually better to just take really high odds cover bets instead of wanting to hit a middle position.

I'm still active on Copytip but keeping everything rather selective there until I find more spots I can get into with a lot of confidence. It's a long term game which means sometimes it's best to take things a bit slower. So far this season I took 65 bets there and they are good for +20.91% ROI. The main downside of a high ROI is that it gives an urge to maintain that while it's not realistic. Aiming for +7% ROI long term is already a huge challenge in these markets even when being selective.

( Copytip Results Costanza)

The acton on the SBC Discord Server mostly consisted of sharing the smaller trading spots I get in and out of. The overall action on the server continues to go up and there are now 3 of us who are posting their bets in a unified way in the live-bets channel while there is still a lot of live betting related chat going on in the live-betting-chat channel.

Discord Live-Bets Week 14

No Bets

( All My live Bets are Taken at Sportmarket Pro who offer the best odds on the market )

The reversal pattern continues and I now have my eye on getting back to my season highs. Keeping track of stats can be a real joy when it goes up but a real pain when it goes down. I would highly recommend everyone that wants to become profitable at betting to do this graph stats keeping. At least for me it has always created a huge drive to do what is needed in order to make things go up.

Let me know in the comments how your own betting week was or leave a link to your own results tracking post and I'll make sure to give it an upvote!